Lanhydrock Estate Honey


Delicious honey from Lanhydrock Estate's bees

As part of Lanhydrock Estate’s ongoing interest in conservation projects, three years ago the Estate ventured into the perilous world of bee keeping.  The honey bee is in serious decline due to disease, pests and colony collapse disorder.  The Estate’s methodology has been to start small with the emphasis on keeping healthy bees.  This aids in the conservation efforts of the whole Estate as for each pound (lb) of honey produced the bees fly around 50,000 miles, visiting and pollinating more than 2 million flowers, covering a radius of up to 3 miles.

This has an obvious mutual benefit to all the surrounding country side.  The Lanhydrock Estate offers some fantastic natural habitats for our bees to forage upon, with flowers from heathland, hedgerow, woodland, meadow, orchard and gardens.  The diverse nectar source gives a full flavor that is unique to the Lanhydrock Estate.

The health benefits of local honey is well documented, and if you would like to purchase a jar of Lanhydrock Estate Honey we shall be supplying our local National Trust shop at Lanhydrock House in early 2012.