Shooting & Fishing

Andrew Williams and Japser track a fine crosser at Ford

Andrew Williams and Jasper track a fine crosser at Ford


The Lanhydrock Shoot is set in the historical 2,500 acre family owned Estate, with seven valleys and 17 drives. The Shoot works to the topography of the Estate with rolling hills, wooded valleys, producing high quality, diverse, challenging shooting of primarily pheasant, with some partridge and duck too. Traditional Cornish shooting on a traditional Cornish estate!

Let days are available for up to 8-10 guns, with 150-250 bird days up to the end of December and 100-150 bird days in January. Smaller, rough days are also available on special request.

The cost of the day is based on the current sum, of £42.00 including VAT per bird, so a 200 bird day would cost a team of 10 guns £8400.00 including VAT – roughly £840 a gun based on 10 guns.

The cost includes a meet and greet by the host, Andrew, with a cup of tea and a chat at the newly renovated shoot lodge, Princetown, located in a deep valley in the heart of the shoot. Then all transport around the shoot is in Lanhydrock’s well known Bedford Four Tonne army lorry, with a smaller 3 seater ranger, for those who may struggle to get to and from their peg. Drinks are normally after the second or third drive, sloe gin and bubbles with a chocolate or two. After the morning drives there is a 3 course lunch for up to 20 people. Lunch is followed by two afternoon drives, and then tea/coffee (or something slightly stronger!) back in the shoot lodge.


Fishing on the River Fowey

Fishing on the River Fowey

Lanhydrock Estate owns approximately one mile of the River Fowey and the fishing rights are run and managed through Newbridge Angling.

While there is a long waiting list (our youngest joined 2 weeks ago being a newborn) we do see about 3 members leaving and 3 new members joining each year so if you are a keen fisherman and have all the relevant licenses, then you might like to call the Estate office and put your name on the waiting list. Please contact us for more information